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Story Behind the Beauty in Darkness Poster
Crystal Andrus is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. From a tough beginning-her parent’s divorce at age 12, extended sexual abuse from a family friend, a stranger rape at 14, moving on her own at 15, alcoholism, anger, neglect and dysfunction was the family pattern, battling the....
Crystal Andrus, Founder and CEO of SWAT institute
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I Ordered my Future Yesterday-The Julie Cox Story
Julie Cox Julie Cox carved out an amazingly fruitful life after overcoming a plethora of obstacles which would have broken a lesser person.
In her new book, I Ordered My Future Yesterday, Julie recounts the trials and tribulations she’s faced,from being raped twice and left for dead,living in extreme poverty...
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From America to Philippines, our Partner Julie Cox together with Laila Armamento of  MagikFM903 & a schoolmate Sarah Pabia Houston took some time to meet the cast & crew of Beauty in Darkness.
Special thanks to Gumaca Police for escorting & assisting them in this event.
They made a surprise visit near the entrance of the dump site....
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A year ago, I found these children happily & innocently playing in the street even if they live in a slum. I was so delighted by the action of their little energetic bodies & smiles and laughter that are as fresh as the breeze in the sea, that I randomly captured them using my small camcorder for no apparent purpose....
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Julie Cox Met the Cast & Crew of Beauty in Darkness
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When Julie Cox visited Gumaca to meet the cast of Beauty in Darkness, she gave a copy of her book with her authograph to my mom, which later, I got to read completely.  And Here, I picked a few excerpts from her book with her permission. “If a burglar had broken into our house, we would have robbed the burglar. That’s how poor we were!”.....
I Ordered My Future Yesterday Book Excerpts
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photos  by  Ricci C.
“From the moment I met Julie Cox, I knew she was intrinsically special person. In her heartfelt memoir, Julie scours through her past and relives her pain not for fame of fortune but for hope of helping others endure their sufferings with a lighter burden knowing the light shines brightly on the other side of pain. La vida es una punta entonces - we find pieces that.....
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I Ordered My Future Yesterday Book Reviews
Mick's Miracles
MICK FROM BEING A SPOILED BRAT TO BECOMING A LEADER OF TRIBES -It was the sinful part of my life. I was the usual kid-adult who would still go out on fridays with friends and do some “you know what”. Having excessive money and lack of spirituality at that time...
Here, you can watch me and my friends do the Firewalk. I do not encourage anyone to do the same. The point is, we don’t have to walk on fire but like walking on fire demonstrated by the people who did, it proves that people are capable of doing things even though it seemed impossible.....
Watch me Walk on Fire
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julie cox i ordered my future yesterday
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i ordered my future yesterday
i ordered my future yesterday
mick feliciano
Marie O’Riordan, International Success-despite of not having a degree
One year ago I met Marie O’ Riordan during an event abroad. She was one of the speakers whose message I resonated with the most. I am honored to feature her life story here as she had gone through difficult situations in life but was able to conquer all that prevented her from succeeding because she knew....
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marie o'riordan
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Knowing Faith
When I stumbled upon this video, I was already having another episode of the so called Dark night of the soul when everything seems chaotic and dark even if the outside world seems normal. However, after every dark night, comes the so called “light” ...
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